Our Vision


Our vision at Rimay Blessings is to provide high quality, blessed prayer beads (malas), dzi stones, authentic Dharma objects, fine Buddhist art, antiques and collectibles from the Roof Top of the World. All of our products come directly from active Monasteries high in the Himalayas where they have been blessed by hundreds and thousands of Buddhist Monks, Nuns, Rinpoches, Khenpos, Spiritual Masters and Enlightened Yogis. Proceeds from the sales of these beautiful items go to support the spiritual activities at our monasteries in Tibet. Proceeds also benefit the thousands of Villagers and Nomads living in the surrounding areas and neighbouring in the beautiful and remote East Kham Region of Tibet, China.

One thing that makes the products from Rimay Blessings so unique, is the compassionate and virtuous exchange of energy that occurs every time these precious objects are acquired and enjoyed. Each and every single item is filled with tremendously powerful good intentions and literarily millions of prayers and mantras. Our customers can truly feel the spiritual support, encouragement, wisdom and altruistic loving kindness contained within these blessed Dharma Treasures.

Compassion is the ultimate motivation.

Rimay Dharma treasures from our Monastery in Tibet have been inspiring and supporting the innate wisdom and compassion of thousands of people in the West for the last decade and it is my sincere wish they will continue to do so for many decades to come.


There is a meaningful connection between our customers and the Spiritual Community at our Monastery in Tibet. The Monastery provides blessings for our good health, happiness, prosperity, success and spiritual accomplishment. At the same time, our customers are able to create tremendous good karma by helping to provide food, warm clothes, medicine and educational materials for our spiritual friends in Tibet.
— Erin Marks, Rimay Blessings

Rimay: A non-sectarian, unbiased respect for all Spiritual Traditions. Made famous by the the Great Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye (1813-1900).

Mala: A Buddhist Rosary or Prayer Beads. Can be used and worn to inspire virtue and compassion, increase wisdom and good karma, to store blessings and to provide spiritual protection. Best when blessed by the Lamas from an authentic Monastery!

Dzi Stones: The most highly prized spiritual treasure of the Himalayas, this precious bead is believed to bring pure energy, good health, tremendous happiness, good fortune, prosperity, long life and harmonious relationships to whoever wears it.

'Dzi' means radiance or splendour and many people can sense or feel the positive energy and blessing this magnificent natural stone attracts and magnifies. There are many legends about how these magical beads came into existence, but most Tibetans believe they are not man made, but come from Heaven to bring more blessings, compassion, wisdom and peace to humanity.

A gift to humanity from Guru Rinpoche. Dzi Stones or Sky Agate are firmly believed to bring supreme Spiritual Protection and help us to magnetize, increase and attract countless positive qualities and circumstances. Authentic Blessed Dzi Stones form a reputable source (Like our Rimay Monastery in Tibet) always bring Good Fortune, prosperity, healing energy, success and bring peace and harmony to our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

Specific qualities of Dzi Stones are displayed in the pattern or number of "Eyes." 

  • One Eye: Brilliance, the star of Wisdom
  • Two Eyes: Attracts and brings good communication and harmony to all Relationships including romantic parters or spouses.
  • Three Eyes: Rolling in Wealth (Dzambhala Dzi) Increases Financial and material prosperity and abundance
  • Four Eyes: Compassion
  • Five Eyes: Five Buddha Families, Five Wisdoms, Five Manjushris, Five Dzambhalas and Five Dakinis.
  • Six Eyes: Spiritual and Physical Protection 
  • Seven Eyes: Beauty, Longevity, Wisdom, Creativity and Prosperity (Very Connected to White Tara, the Seven Eyed Mother Goddess)
  • Eight Eyes: Auspiciousness, good luck and Good fortune
  • Nine Eyes: The Most highly sought after number of Eyes. Bring countless blessings for Success, Happiness, Prosperity, Wisdom and Protection
  • Twenty-One Eyes: Represent the 21 Taras and 21 Dzambhalas. Brings enormous limitless success and good fortune.
  • Striped/ Banded Dzi: Medicine Dzi for healing and to protect your health. Increases Vitality and longevity.
  • Nectar Bottle Dzi: Dutsi, or Nectar. Increases wisdom, represents the Buddha or Lama's teachings and brings happiness and long life.
  • Tiger Teeth Dzi: Increases our courage and makes us brave enough to successfully accomplish any goal...including enlightenment!

Phurba: Ritual Dharma Object traditional used by Tantric Vajrayana Masters to bring Healing and remove obstacles. Dorje Phurba was the protector Deity Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) always turned to to bring wisdom and subjugate malevolent energies.